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Benefits Of Using Image CDN For Your WordPress Portal

Benefits of using Image CDN for your WordPress Portal

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Although this saying is true it can take thousands of milliseconds to load the picture and that might slow down your website. The best option to get a faster load time for your images is to consider getting an image CDN like some of the benefits CDN offers to your server include; optimization, fast delivery of the image, image manipulation, and a strong URL API. These benefits help with image optimization, a fast load time, SEO ranking, image storage and less backup hassle.

Image Optimization

Around half of all the experts stated that the main focus is image optimization. Different devices and the geographical region that you are in effect your image optimization. Mobile devices require more optimization than computers and TV. Furthermore, there are many ways to optimize your image. Some of these ways include formatting, resizing and reshaping. You can also decide to arrange with a third party for better services.

Faster load time

Load your images on your portal within milliseconds, this will make your users happy and satisfied. CDN makes that possible for you. In this sense, having a CDN also gives you a professional appearance. Due to this, you will make a 100 rather than 10 transaction in the same time frame. In return, this increases your revenue and makes sales a lot better for you. This feature gives a simpler experience for mobile browsers as well.

SEO ranking

All search engines Google, Ping, Yahoo had decided that page speed will be one of the ranking factors. When putting your image on CDN you will make your page load much faster. This will affect your overall ranking.

You don’t have to worry about the images storage capacity on your servers. Of course, when your data is stored on a CDN, it will give you less to worry about. CDN backs you up and protects your data. Through this, you don’t have more hassle on your server and it takes the load off your servers’ back.

Less backup hassle

When sending your images to CDN, you won’t have to worry about backing them up. Thus, your server will not have much data to back up so it will not take that much time to complete the service. Your server will be at a much faster pace without all the images being backed up.

To conclude things, using CDN for your portal will take the load off your back and your server’s in many ways. We do recommend using CDN specialized for images to serve you well. The CDN should be able to store, resize, crop, and do the filters on its side, otherwise, you didn’t get anything from your monthly fee which you are paying.



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