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Best Top 10 Managed WordPress Hosting

Best Top 10 Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is becoming increasingly popular in the market today. Managed WordPress hosting is a concierge service where all technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by the host. There are many options out there for web hosting. Today we will begin talk about the top 10 companies that provide managed WP hosting on the server.

1. WPEngine

This company is one of the best options for managed hosting to your server. It offers load time less than 0.26 seconds while giving extraordinary support. Although pricey, it comes with very great speed. This option also offers to secure servers and starts at $29. WPEngine gives boundless features including a staging area, one-click restore point, hacking scans, and you don’t need any cache plugins. There are many pros to this feature including a fast, reliable, secure and no cache plugins. However, there are also cons, including that it can be costly and doesn’t offer the flexibility you might need.

2. SiteGround

This hosting provider offers a fast load time of 0.4 seconds and answers supports questions in around 15 minutes. This is the go-to-option if you’re looking for an inexpensive provider starting at $7.95. Some of its features include at only $3.95 monthly, free installation for WordPress, support, WP migration, email accounts, domain name and many others that would give a good reason to take this offer. On the other hand, there are cons to this service. Some cons include it comes with the only Cloudflare, and you will need to use a third-party plugin.

3. FlyWheel

If you are on the creative persona you might like this feature. Its main focus is on integrating the work of the designer. The load time is less than 1 second and costs only $15. Some key features include; backups at night, really fast speed, 24/7 security, and intuitive SFTP. This feature is great if you want to use whatever plugins you want, fast load times and an easy scalability. This feature does have a downside, it’s not as powerful like WPEngine and it’s also not cheap.

4. Bluehost WP Hosting

At an inexpensive price, this hosting offers security and speed. This plan includes a panel, all-time support, WP professionals, security, and VPS platform. This plan offers a load time of 2 seconds and begins at just $12.49. The only problem with it is they offer bad customer service, don’t offer too many features, and doesn’t serve high needs for developers.

5. Kinsta

If you’re into unlimited everything, you will like the fast speed this managed hosting offers. Some excellent features this plan offers include; free movement between sites, next-generation infrastructure, and high-quality security. The cons to this plan consist of very expensive prices starting at $100 per month.

6. Page Hosting

Possibly one of the best plan for big companies. It offers an expensive managed hosting. This plan has a loading time of 0.09 seconds and starts at $499. If you can describe a perfect managed host, it would be Page Hosting. For the big businesses, this feature offers free use of any plugins, a thorough site scans, regular updates, varnish caching and presscon. The only downside of this plan is the high charge.

7. Pressable

Highest ranking for customer satisfaction. This plan offers a load time of 2 seconds and starts at $25 per month. Featuring offers like accessing SFTP, SSL support, Malware scan, eliminating hackers, backups on a day-to-day basis and lastly Rackspace hybrid cloud. The good side of this feature is its high quality, security and it is very reliable. The downside is it’s costly and doesn’t give all the needs of your hosting.

8. WebSynthesis

Featuring high quality and fast load times, it also offers many other features. WebSynthesis has SEO, content marketing tools, security, site sensor and monitoring. The downside to this service is that not a lot of new developers know about this. It also has a higher price compared to other plans.

9. VIP

If you are looking for a managed hosting provider that hosts your high traffic website then you have come to the right place. This plan is the most expensive charging at $5,000 per month. It is the perfect fit for an enterprise. Some features include SaaS, CDN, as well as backups every hour, flat rate, and all the time support. The not so great side of this hosting plan is that it’s not designed for small businesses. It is the perfect fit for huge companies that can afford it.

10. GoDaddy Managed Hosting

This recommended managed WordPress hosting starts at $3.99 per month. Key features of this host are professionalism, excellent scalability, free transfers, and on the clock support. The cons to this plan are for every 1000 visits that go over the limit is charged up to $1. It is also difficult to change your host.

To summarize, it all comes down to you and what you’re willing to do with your site. In other words, you choose whether you want a managed host or not, and then decide which pick is the right fit for your site. Another thing to keep in mind is what your site requires the type of support it needs. For high traffic, you might want to choose a managed host. However, if you are just starting your business then it’s your choice if you want to get a plan or not.

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