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How To Design Portals On WordPress To Serve Millions Of Users

How to Design Portals on WordPress to Serve Millions of Users

Are you planning on building a portal to serve millions of users? Then designing its architecture will be of utmost importance! Without the right architecture, your portal will not serve this amount of users or be of any use to you. When deciding on the design of your portal you have to keep an eye on many things, including:

Data Storage Options

If you know us well, you will know that we are a big fan of NoSQL. Let’s explain to you why; to serve many clients, you need to distribute your data in a cloud-based service such as CloudAnt. This will be your best friend for storing data in a scalable and an effective approach. This is not the only method, as we all know there are many different methods for storing your data, that had been described in a previous detailed article.

Your Image Storage Options

While thinking of a portal that would serve millions, you should automatically think to use one of the available CDNs over the internet. However, keep in mind there are many CDNs generic to serve any kind of files and there are few specialized for serving images.

What you need is a specialized CDN for images which could handle resizing, cropping, and enhancing the images on its side. This way your servers are not responsible for handling the load of manipulating and editing the images. One of the best available images CDNs is, they offer very competitive plans and prices.

Plugins for Functionality

When designing your portal you must keep in mind that you will change the look within time. So to be absolutely sure that these changes do not affect your core functionality and save yourself, you must separate the functionality code on a plugin or several plugins depending on the complexity of your portal.


It will be better off for you to design your portals’ plugins and functionality as APIs. In spite of this, you must not forget to separate them from the look and feel. Later on, your business will expand and you will need other access points for your portal such as software, mobile applications, etc… Therefore, it is better for you to design your functionality as APIs from the beginning.


From personal experience, if you are not a designer you should probably consider purchasing a premium theme that will help you build your portal. This will save you an enormous amount of time in aiding you in not getting lost on what to put on your sidebars, header, footer, etc… Having a reputable theme will support you in any bugs you might face. An additional value is that this will simplify the integration with search engines.


It is of importance to integrate your code with the search engine when building your portal.  If you are using custom post types to store your data, Yoast Plugin will serve you and handle all the work for you. Although, if you decide to use any other kind of storage like your own table, you are forced to integrate with Yoast Plugin on your own. Meanwhile, you will find here a detailed article instructing you how to connect and integrate with Yoast Plugins.


Creating backups in WordPress is a very easy straightforward task. Moreover, you will have a ton of free plugins that will help you in creating backups and storing them. However, keep in mind that if you have enormous data size in your portal, these free plugins won’t help you much. For this reason, you should begin to think of getting premium plugins, namely to begin with UpdraftPlus and Backup & Restore Dropbox.

Payment Gateway

Without a shadow of a doubt, in order to establish a successful business over the internet, you should first think of how to get paid for your services as well as keep your customer’s payment information safe and secured. I recommend you to use PayPal Business Subscription. In this way, you will keep your customer’s credit card information in a safe vault.

Lastly, a well-designed WordPress portal will be the road to your dreams. You will be serving millions of clients every single day. I don’t say developing and implementing a portal is something easy, but when you use WordPress with a good architecture in mind, the task will be much easier and the explanation will be smoother too.

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