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Why You Should Consider Using WordPress For Developing Your Applications

Why you should consider using WordPress for developing your applications

WordPress is the utmost comprehensive and flexible CMS available today, rising to the level of an application platform. As have been mentioned multiple times by Matt Mullenweg the ‘Father of WordPress’.

I think that what’s cool about WordPress as a platform is that it can do a lot at once, meaning that I believe that WordPress is going to grow hugely as a blogging platform. Some people might think that blogging is dead, but I see the next six billion people coming online and blogging being an interesting thing for a lot of them. It’s growing as an e-commerce platform. It’s growing as a site creator. It’s growing as a platform that people build things — maybe even just using the API, whether that’s a REST API or a PHP APIs, to make applications. Whether they’re using WordPress as a development platform to do things that don’t look like a blog at all.

StudioPress FM Podcast “How to Make Money with WordPress, with Matt Mullenweg

Whether you are an entrepreneur who starts to think in creating a new online business, or a company which has a client that needs a business web application. You will begin to think about the necessities of the platform you will use to build your application on top of it.

Many platforms are available today, either be an open source or not (CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Microsoft LightSwitch, etc…). Only a handful number of people will think in WordPress as a solution. Some may think of it as a CMS or a blogging solution, but the fact is totally the opposite. WordPress is far loftier, it is a Web Operating System that you are able to use for all your ingenuities.

Countless reasons why taking the route of WordPress when building a web-based business application is the greatest solution:

Open source

WordPress is an open source. Benefits consist of running on top of secure scalable free infrastructure (i.e. Apache & MySQL), making entry cost and launch time for your application/portal much less than going into other directions.

Large Cooperative Community

WordPress controls more than 25% of the internet. Therefore, it has one of the largest and most cooperative open source communities in the world. This makes solving problems much easier. Giving you the ability to find many free resources and tonnes of developers that understand the platform, and are ready to work with you for very reasonable costs.

Themes & Plugins

Building a web application on WordPress means that you have to develop your own plugins and themes, but this doesn’t mean that you should have to start from scratch, you could use already existing resources. For instance; one of our portals ( was built over a premium theme (XStore) to handle all the pages, headers, footers, and styles, whereas the landing pages were within the Child Theme. This methodology was to work with the plugins too, where it had been profoundly reliant on Pods to design our database tables.


WordPress has its own built-in email sender library. Permitting you to send notifications to your web-app users. In addition, using free plugins, you are able to integrate with many reputable email campaign providers such as; MailChimp, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, etc…

Auto-Update applications on your clients’ servers

In case you had used WordPress for building a specific web-business application to re-sell such as ‘Accounting’. You can rely on the built-in update mechanisms in WordPress to update your plugins and themes. You can feature updates to your clients with the latest bug fixes and versions, and not having the hassle to build your own updates mechanism.

Complete freedom to choose your preferred front-end library

When building your application’s front-end pages in WordPress you can choose whatever the front-end library of your desire. There are no restrictions on what library you can use. You are able to use (Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js, Ember.js, Meteor.js, etc…) to build the user’s experience you want for your clients and manage the back-end through APIs.

Powerful Built-in Rest API

WordPress has its own REST API, a powerful and reliable mechanism that has many functionalities. This API gives you the ability to integrate with mobile apps, blogs, feeds, and to update posts too.

Ability to build your own Rest API

Default API allows you to manage your posts, but it doesn’t allow you to control your own tables and other storage options you have. But don’t worry, you can easily build your own MVC REST API using the permalink infrastructure within WordPress or through the wp-admin-ajax call. You could let your API do whatever you want to do in order to deliver the business needs you want.

Connections with CDNs and Cloud-Based Services

WordPress makes integration with CDNs and Cloud-Based services a piece of cake! WordPress has been updated to support cloud-based infrastructures and can easily be combined with CDNs. This will save you a big headache when the business grows and the number of users increases. In addition, these services will speed up your pages load times.

Powerful User’s & Privileges Management Infrastructure

WordPress has its own powerful, secure, scalable, flexible, User’s management and privileges. And imagine this, it is ready to be used.

Multiple Techniques for Storing Your Data

Another significant factor is that you can store your software/portal data in many ways. You can use the built-in posts database or an external database, and even NoSQL database to store your data. The sky is the limit here!

Scalable (WP Managed Hosting)

Handling servers and hardware back-end is a big fuzz, and I am sure that the majority out there are hating it as same as I hate it. Luckily for us, there are many companies currently offer to take full responsibility in hosting your WordPress portals, and they will upgrade the servers automatically as well as expand them to serve your clients in the best way possible.


There is no doubt at all that WordPress ensures a safe and secure system. With their large community, they are able to give you the most stable and secure platform. Bugs are detected right away when seen and are fixed on the fly, and all you have to do is to keep updating your WordPress installation to the latest version.

Compatibility with HTTPS protocol

WordPress by default supports the protocol. And not to mention this, but using HTTPs will boost your search engine ranking.

Login through Social Media

Social Media Login is one of the best-proven tools to increase conversion. A lot of the folks out there already know this thing and they helped us through their free and premium plugins which allow you to integrate your WordPress users with Social Media.


Data and files organized in WordPress in a way which allows you to create backups easily. Restoring backups is no fuzz at all. If anything happened to your servers, you won’t need to panic because you can return whatever data and files on your server that was lost back to the way it was in no time.

At the end of the day, if you want to start your own business or create a software with minimum cost and time, WordPress will be your best friend. Choosing WordPress will give you an easy and fast way to work into your portal and business, providing you with the utmost security and value.

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