By default, the plugin is configured to work on most sites. You can configure the plugin as you need. For this, go to WCAPF > Settings menu and change the settings as you need.


Filter RelationshipsThe relationship between filters. AND – products shown will match all filters, OR – products shown will match any filters.
Dynamic Product CountWhether to update the product count number according to the applied filters.
Options with zero productsDetermines what we do with the options with zero products. Available options are Always Show, Never Show.
Hide empty filtersWhether to hide the filters that don’t have any options.
Disable AjaxEnable this if you want to disable filtering via Ajax.

Hide Empty Filters

To hide the empty filters enable “Dynamic Product Count”, set the “Options with zero products” to “Never Show” and enable “Hide empty filters”.

These settings will also hide the filters with display types “Range – Slider” and “Range – Number” if the min and max value is equal. Note: For the number range filter, the min and max value gets updated according to the applied filters if “Auto-detect min and max” is enabled in filter settings.


Active Filters on top of productsEnable this to show the active filters on top of the products loop, only works in the standard shop loop.
Pagination via AjaxWhether to enable Ajax to paginate the products. Only applicable when filtering via Ajax.
Product sorting via AjaxWhether to enable Ajax for the default product sorting dropdown. Only applicable when filtering via Ajax.
Sorting data in Active FiltersEnable this if you want to show the sort-by data that comes from the default product sorting dropdown in active filters.
Use term slugWhether to use term slug instead of id as the option value.
Child terms onlyWhether to show only the child terms when viewing a term archive page.
Vendor supportEnable this to show the store name as the option label in the post-author filter.


Primary ColorSet a primary color according to your theme. Default is #1C5DA1.
Stylish checkbox & radio buttonsEnable this if you want stylish checkbox and radio buttons instead of native design.
Enable ComboBoxTurns the native select element into a custom select box with improved design and behavior.
Improve native select elementUncheck this if your theme already implements the design for the native select element.
ComboBox for sorting dropdownAttach ComboBox for the default sorting dropdown instead of the native select element.
Improve scrollbarEnable this to improve the scrollbar that appears when max height is applied to a filter.
Improve input type text/numberEnable this if you want to use styles from your theme for input type text/number.
Hierarchy toggle at the endUncheck this to show the hierarchy toggle just after the item label instead of at the end of the item.
Number range slider styleSelect the number range slider style from the available ones.
Star Icon ColorSet the star icon color for the rating filter(not applicable for display type: select, multiselect). Default is #FDA256.
FontAwesome for star iconsEnable this if your site loads the FontAwesome icons.
Remove focus styleEnable this to remove the focus style from input(text) and dropdown elements.

Loader & Scroll To

Loading AnimationWhether to show an animation while the results are fetching.
Loading IconSelect the loading icon from the available icons.
Custom loading iconUpload the loading icon. Note: If the SVG icon does not animate, try to upload by disabling sanitization.
Icon SizeAdjust the loading icon size in px. Default is 60.
Overlay ColorAdjust the loading overlay color. Default is #FFFFFFCC. Note: There is an alpha channel to control the transparency or opacity of the color.
Wait CursorEnable this to show a wait cursor while the results are fetching.
Scroll window toDetermines the scroll behavior.
Scroll forDetermines the devices on which we scroll the window. Desktop, Mobile, or Both.
Scroll whenDetermines when to scroll. After updating the results or Immediately.
Custom element identifierGive a valid id/class of the HTML element you want to scroll to.
Scroll onSpecify the event for which you want to scroll the window. Available options are All, Filter, and Paginate.
Scroll to top offsetIf you have a sticky header or some space that you want to include in the viewport then give the height of those in px.
Disable scroll window animationCheck this to disable the scroll window animation.

Filter Keys

Here you can edit the filter keys globally and change the order of those in the URL.

In the PRO version, you can change the order of filter keys.


Here you can change the phrases shown in the front end.


Keyword filter placeholderApplicable for the input field of the keyword filter.

Default is “Search products”
Keyword filter prefixThis prefix will be used in the active filters, before the keyword.

Default is “Keyword:”. For a value “shirt”, it becomes “Keyword: shirt” in the active filters.
Search field placeholderApplicable when the search box is enabled in the list view. This will be overridden by the placeholder value of the filter itself.

Default is “Search”
No results textApplicable when the search box is enabled in the list view and combobox enabled in the dropdown view.

Default is “No results for:”. For a keyword, “purple” the text will be “No results for: purple
No options textApplicable when combobox is enabled in the dropdown(multiselect) view and all options have been chosen.

Default is “No options to choose”
Empty filter textApplicable when there are no options to filter by or the filter is empty.

Default is “N/A”
Show more button labelDefault is “+ Show more”
Show less button labelDefault is “− Show less”
Clear button labelDefault is “clear”
Clear All button labelDefault is “Clear All”
Reset button labelDefault is “Reset”
Results count markupDefault: Found %d product|Found %d products

Here two markups are separated by the pipe(|) character. The first markup is for the singular result and the second one is for the plural result. %d will be replaced with product count.
Sort by prefixThis prefix will be used in the active filters, before the sort by value.

Default is “Sort by:”. For a value “Title”, it becomes “Sort by: Title” in the active filters.
Per page prefixThis prefix will be used in the active filters, before the per page value.

Default is “Per page:”. For a value of “15”, it becomes “Per page: 15” in the active filters.


Input DelaySpecify the delay (in milliseconds) before triggering the filter action when the user interacts with the input fields. Default is 300.
Pagination containerThe css class of the pagination element, supports multiple classes separated by commas. In most cases, you don’t need to change this. Applicable when filtering via Ajax. Default is “.woocommerce-pagination”.
Additional SelectorsIf you want to update additional elements give the CSS classes separated by commas. Applicable when filtering via Ajax.
JavaScript after ajax updateYou may want to run javascript codes after updating the shop loop via Ajax. Leave it empty if you don’t understand.
Author RolesUsers having any of these roles will be available on the Available Options modal of the post-author filter.
Form multiple locationsEnable this if you want to reuse a form in multiple locations.


Debug ModeThis will help you to configure the plugin correctly.
Disable WCAPFCheck this to disable WC Ajax Product Filter in the front end for testing purposes.
Send anonymous dataEnable this if you agree to send anonymous data to the developer to make the plugin better.
Remove DataEnable this to remove all data when uninstalling WC Ajax Product Filter via the Plugins page.
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