The plugin supports four types of shortcodes that allow showing the Form, Active Filters, Reset Button, and Results Count.


The shortcode is [wcapf_form]. It allows you to display the filters wherever shortcodes are supported on your WordPress site – in posts content, pages content, widgets, in text blocks created with page builders, etc.

Filters' form shortcode

Active Filters

The shortcode is [wcapf_active_filters].

Active filters shortcode
  • title – The title that renders before the active filters.
  • layout – The layout of the active filters. Possible values are “simple”, and “extended”. Simple: Show all the active items one by one, Extended: Group the active items by filter type and show them separately with filter title.
  • empty_message – The message that will be shown when there is no filter applied. Leave it empty to hide the active filters when there is no filter applied.
  • clear_all_btn_label – If you want to change the label of the clear all button.

Reset Button

The shortcode is [wcapf_reset_btn].

  • btn_label – The label of the reset button.
  • show_always – Determines if we render the button in disabled mode when there is no filter applied. Possible values are “”, and “1”.

Results Count

The shortcode is [wcapf_results_count]. This is available in the pro version only.

  • show_conditionally – Determines if we only show the results count when a filter is applied. Possible values are “”, and “1”.