The plugin supports four types of shortcodes that allow showing the Form, Active Filters, Reset Button, and Results Count.


The shortcode is [wcapf_form]. It allows you to display the filters wherever shortcodes are supported on your WordPress site – in posts content, pages content, widgets, in text blocks created with page builders, etc.

Active Filters

The shortcode is [wcapf_active_filters].

  • title – The title that renders before the active filters.
  • layout – The layout of the active filters. Possible values are “simple”, and “extended”. Simple: Show all the active items one by one, Extended: Group the active items by filter type and show them separately with filter title.
  • empty_message – The message that will be shown when there is no filter applied. Leave it empty to hide the active filters when there is no filter applied.
  • clear_all_btn_label – If you want to change the label of the clear all button.
  • clear_all_btn_layout – Determines how the clear all button will be placed. Possible values are “block”, and “inline”. This argument is not applicable when using “extended” for the active filters layout.

Reset Button

The shortcode is [wcapf_reset_btn].

  • btn_label – The label of the reset button.
  • show_always – Determines if we render the button in disabled mode when there is no filter applied. Possible values are “”, and “1”.

Results Count

The shortcode is [wcapf_results_count]. This is available in the pro version only.

  • show_conditionally – Determines if we only show the results count when a filter is applied. Possible values are “”, and “1”.
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