V3 to V4 Migration

We are excited to announce the release of a major upgrade for our plugin, now known as WCAPF – WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter! Version 4.0.0 introduces exciting new features, improved performance, and enhanced customization options to empower you with greater control over your filters.

What’s New

  1. Redesigned Admin UI: We have revamped the plugin’s admin interface to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. You’ll find it easier than ever to configure and manage your product filters.
  2. Codebase Refactoring: We have refactored the codebase to optimize performance and lay a solid foundation for future enhancements.
  3. Filter-Form Association: Filters are now linked to a form. This means that filters are contained within a specific form, simplifying management and organization. The form shortcode is now used to display all filters linked to that form on the frontend.
  4. Additional Settings: We have introduced additional settings that offer you more control over your filters.

Bug Fixes

We have diligently addressed and fixed several bugs reported by our valued users. These fixes contribute to a more stable and reliable plugin performance.

Migration Notice

To ensure a seamless transition to the new version, we have automatically migrated your existing filters to a form during the upgrade process. However, please note that the order of the filters within the form may require adjustment. To ensure the correct order, kindly visit the edit form page in the admin area, as indicated in the migration notice displayed upon upgrade. By manually adjusting the filter order within the form, you can restore the desired sequence.

Upgrade Instructions for Existing Users

If you are an existing user upgrading from version 3 to version 4, we recommend taking a backup of your WordPress site and database for added safety. You can then proceed with the upgrade using either the FTP method or the automatic update method.

Installation for New Users

For new installations, there are no additional steps required. The plugin can be installed like any other WordPress plugin.

Support and Feedback

We appreciate your continued support and patience during the upgrade process. Should you encounter any issues or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. We are committed to providing you with prompt assistance and ensuring a seamless experience with our plugin.

Enjoy the New Version

Thank you for choosing WCAPF – WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter. We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in version 4.0.0!

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